Our Story

Jenny – CEO and Founder

Kidz-a-Peal Toy and Craft Store in Plumstead, Cape Town, began as a small seed back in 1985 when Jenny Bedwell (Owner) began organising educational toy “parties” from her living room in the evenings at home. Over time, Jenny’s knowledge and delight in helping families to bond, learn, create, and have fun together grew into Kidz-a-Peal Toy and Craft Shop, in Plumstead, Cape Town, which opened doors in March, 1997.

As Jenny’s own kids (all 4!) have all grown up over the years, and several grandchildren have now joined her family, Jenny has continued to love growing Kidz-a-Peal, curating and sharing all of the best toys and crafts that she can find. Jenny has always delighted in children, and all that it means to enter a child’s world, to love them and to help them to learn. She loves keeping up with all of the long-time locals at the shop, and seeing their kids grow up on Kidz-a-Peal toys and crafts. Kidz-a-Peal is a special and delightful place for her and, no doubt, when you visit Kidz-a-Peal, you’ll feel it too.